Vital Tips To Planning The Perfect Hilton Head Beach Wedding

A wedding is always a special day.  Friends and family getting together to celebrate the union between two loving individuals.  Just the idea is enough to make some folks tear up.  Every couple has a picture in their heads of their perfect wedding day.  For many that picture involves a romantic ceremony on the beach with sand between their toes, and the sound of the surf in the background.  

Legal Requirements

Hilton Head Island is packed full of beach wedding venues, but we will get to all of that shortly.  First of all, a couple planning a beach ceremony on the island need to get the legal arrangements out of the way.  

Getting a marriage license in Beaufort County is a simple, but vitally important step that must be taken care of first thing.  Both individuals must show up to apply in person at one of two locations with a valid government ID like a drivers license.  Visit The Beaufort County Courthouse at 102 Ribaut Rd. in Beaufort (open Monday-Friday 9 am-4pm Monday-Friday), or the satellite office located at 539 William Hilton Pkwy. on Hilton Head Island (open 9 am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday).  Keep in mind that there is a 24-hour waiting period between the application and when you get the license, so plan ahead!

Couples should also plan to get a permit allowing them to hold a ceremony on the beach issued by the Town of Hilton Head Island.  The application is available online and should be submitted at least 30 days before the planned date of the Ceremony.  

Where to have the ceremony

Couples planning a beach wedding on Hilton Head Island frequently end up going to one of the big resorts and just letting the staff plan their wedding for them.  While this is certainly an option, it can be an expensive, and possibly impersonal one.  

Luckily for couples to be, the beautiful beaches on Hilton Head Island are all public.  This means as long as you have a permit, you can set up add have your perfect wedding anywhere you please. Simply invite your guests to one of the many public beach accesses and get started with the ceremony.   

Honeymoon On Hilton Head

After a successful wedding comes the honeymoon.  One of the benefits of planning a beach wedding on Hilton Head Island is having the opportunity to stay on island for the honeymoon.  Rather than spending a whole day of travel before starting the holiday some couples decide to spend their honeymoon right here on the island.

Hilton Head Island offers plenty of activities for the couple who decided to spend a few days relaxing after their wedding.  Spending time on the miles of lovely beaches is always high on the list of activities for any vacationing couple but if you’re looking for something more, Hilton Head Island offers plenty of options.  

With over 20 championship golf courses and more than 300 tennis courts on the island, the happy couple looking for some activity has plenty of choices.  For a slightly less organized way to get moving, many visitors take to the 50 miles of public paths and nature trails that wind their way around the island. From shopping and spas to kayaking and cycling, the Honeymooning couple is sure to find something they will enjoy.

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