Summer Fireworks at Hilton Head Island

If you missed the wonderful 4th of July fireworks on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina don’t worry. There are still six opportunities to see them at Shelter Cove Harbour on Tuesday nights this summer. The remaining dates for previewing the fireworks are July 10, 17, 24, 31, and August 7 and 14th
(unless it rains).

(These ladies were getting some photos to take back to Ohio)
Shelter Cove Harbour always has some beautiful firework displays!
Pyrotechnics (fireworks to you and me) are becoming more and more sophisticated. These days many fireworks exhibitions are being controlled by computers which coordinate when each one is lighted and launched into the air. Some are still set off  the old way by lighting the fuse with a fire source such as a road flare. Some current state-of-the-art fireworks actually have computer chips embedded in them to control their flight and explosion. Fireworks are made by mixing various explosive black powder with different chemicals. The powder provides the explosiveness to launch the “shell” into the air from a launching tube and then explode at a predetermined height. Different chemicals are added to make the various colors and effects. They say the color blue is the hardest to acheive. Some “shells” are designed to emit pretty light and color while others are simply made to produce a “report” or loud boom. Combined together they can create a wonderful fireworks exhibition.
The photos below show a fireworks company preparing for a fireworks display around 1996. They drove the fireworks to Hilton Head Island in a large moving truck, loaded the fireworks and launching tubes onto a motorized barge, and then anchored the barge where the fireworks were to be set off. This barge was headed to Skull Creek for the annual fireworks show. The boy in the photo was holding an “18 incher” – one of the largest fireworks that went higher and exploded larger than most of the others.
(Hilton Head Vacation Rentals reminds you it is illegal to discharge fireworks of any kind in South Carolina – ironic since it is also legal to buy them in South Carolina.
Only employees of certified and licensed pyrotechnic companies may discharge fireworks)

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