Guide To Public Tennis Courts On Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island is known far and wide for its spectacular golf courses and wide sandy beaches but if you talk to the more active residents and visitors to the island, you’ll likely hear them raving just as loudly about the outstanding tennis courts that dot the island.

A year-round mild climate and over a hundred courts on the island make Hilton Head Island one of the top tennis vacation destinations on the east coast.

In this first in a series of articles about the best places to play tennis on Hilton Head Island, we’ll take a look at the public tennis courts located around the island.  These courts, as the name suggests, are open to the public.  

Chaplin Community Park

The Chaplin Community Park has plenty to offer, but tennis players get excited when they see its six well-maintained courts.  These lighted courts are available for an $8 per hour rental fee between Memorial Day and Labor day, and at no charge for the rest of the year.  Visit the Island Recreation Association’s website to reserve a court.

Cordillo Courts

For convenience, it’s hard to beat the four hard courts located just off Pope Ave.  The Cordillo Courts are just steps away from Coligny Plaza, the premier shopping district on Hilton Head Island.  It’s easy to imagine playing a few matches in the morning and walking across the street to grab a coffee, smoothie, or sandwich as one of the many shops in the area.  The Cordillo Courts are lighted and do not require visitors to schedule a court time.

Hilton Head High School and Hilton Head Middle School

Looking to mix it up with the kids?  Kidding, of course, we all know they would win.  If you feel like a throwback to your high school domination of the courts, the local school district has you covered.  There are six courts located on the high school campus and four more next door at the middle school that are open to the public.  During the school year, courts are available in the evenings and over the weekend.  During the summer, these courts are available anytime on a first come first serve basis with user fees.

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