A Break From The Beach

Take A Break From The Beach…..

Visit Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

The next time you are vacationing at Hilton Head Island you will obviously enjoy the great beaches, golf, tennis, and other fun activities. But for a wonderful change of pace you should take half a day (or the entire day) exploring Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. This is a hidden gem most visitors (and some residents) overlook as they cross the bridge from the mainland to Hilton Head Island. The Refuge is several thousand acres with numerous lakes,ponds, marshland and fantastic vistas. With well-maintained roads and paths there is easy access to the refuge’s many species of birds, mammals, and wildlife.

(Sample Trail Guide Brochure courtesy of Savannah Coastal Refuges Complex)
Main roads are perfect for walking or biking. (some of the off roads and paths still easily navigable but moutain bikes may be better than beach bikes)

Roads and paths wind through beautiful canopied speciman trees such as live oaks, water oaks, and pines.
Numerous estuaries on the island will change in appearance based on the tide (here at low tide)

Marshland is abundant throughout the island – a photographers dream world!

A piece of solitary driftwood in the marsh with panoramic vistas in the background.

Several ponds can be found in the refuge attracting a plethora of birds and other wildlife.

Terrific marsh/river views of Skull Creek, McKay’s Creek, and Port Royal Sound.

What better backdrop to get some memorable photos of friends and family?
Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is FREE to the public and open 7 days a week.
On your next visit to Hilton Head Island treat yourself and your family or friends to a morning, afternoon, or entire day surrounded by the natural beauty of the lowcountry.
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